Ecological and Fair


Bamboo is lightweight and completely recyclable. The production of a bicycle in bamboo does not emit C02, with almost zero impact on the environment, and as organic material is completely biodegradable. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing species in nature, easily regenerating eroded or deforested land. Bamboo has traditionally been used as a building material for its robustness and strength. In Asia, scaffolding has traditionally been made in bamboo and bicycles were the traditional means of transportation. The bamboo is as strong as steel but at the same time has the flexibility to absorb the irregularities of the ground, providing a smooth and pleasant driving.

The elaboration process of each frame is long and laborious.

  • – The type of bamboo used is frothy, grown in northern Zambia.
  • – The best trunks are selected and treated for three months.
  • – A craftsman performs the frame for 21 days taking care of every each detail.
  • – Joints are assembled with leaves and resin.
  • – The final coat guarantees total protection against bad weather and natural wear.

Bamboo bikes are sturdy and reliable. Matteo Sametti traveled 8,000 km across Africa, from Lusaka to London testing his bamboo bike. Read his adventure here.


Bicycles are designed and assembled in Milan, reinventing the Italian tradition with the use of natural materials, while maintaining the elegance and distinction of the “Made in Italy”. Gobamboo combines Italian excellence with a commitment to fair trade. While distributing frames, Gobamboo contributes to the development of the most needy communities in Africa, supporting social enterprises that guarantee a living wage and respect human rights. A portion of the profits are used to provide cargo bicycles and ambulance bikes to communities, addressing one of the most pressing problems in the region, lack of infrastructure and isolation of rural areas.   The manufacturing process is handcrafted so as not to replace human labor by machines. With the acquisition of each bicycle we support five jobs in Africa, where each job supports so many members of the family.

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